Richard J Tilley:

Writer, Researcher, Poet


I’m Richard. I am interested in feminist theology, African American literature and history, and poetry. My current primary research deals with investigating post-violence-societies (book forthcoming). I’m working on manuscript dealing with moral authority and ethics in Star Trek in addition to a biography of Captain Braxton (as seen in Voyager). I value education; but not before independent integrity. I welcome correspondence. I am an obsessive book collector. I believe in a positive pluralism that is collective, transformative, individualized, and formed through persistent appreciation without conceding proper disposition.

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Active sites:

Post-Violence: Labors of Freedom: Biolence and Post-Violence-Societies – Accompanying research on post-violence societies. notes on space and place

Romantic Empathy: Finding Common Dialectic Selves

Neglected sites that are now in the process of being being brought back:

Trek Ethicist: Moral Authority and Ethics in Star Trek  #KindnessIsALiteracy series: #VacuumOfTrauma series:

When de Saints: African American Critical Studies, Literature, and History

*Just for fun: Ensign Travis Mayweather’s CV.