Richard J Tilley:

Writer, Researcher, Poet

White Cornelian Cherry

This poem went through 3 or 4 arrangements before what ended up being published in After Marriage: Poems In and Out of Disunion. This poem is under the chapter, “Contumelious Straights With Hampered Joyous Lines,” which is the last chapter in the book. It is among my favorite poems in the book. The imagery, placement, and altitude all locate the reader at a specific rendering of a specific moment, which is what I always try to do with my poetry.

White Cornelian Cherry

These dogwood palms, contrarian houses
Corf corbel ligaments fountains stern well

Buried leaves respite conspicuous buds
Esplanade commuting coast counsel bells

Better rills descended perambulate
Walking monuments bitter morning light

Water loathed and touched grass curtains
Torched yellow resurrected roots sign night

String cabinets aside empty palms for May
For gregarious candles sailing right

In kind, display these mountainous lips
And haunt grieved propositions flight

Accessibility ornamental
Does not withstand Plains a journey still

There was a certain time, as I drifted weeks and months further away from my last episode of symptoms and more time into clarity of thought and temperate days that I found a distinct voice in my poetry. This was once of those times. Not each of those occasions are as fruitful.