Benjamin Eelis LeGrand (Richard J Tilley):

Writer, Researcher, Poet

Author: Richard J Tilley

for a display of bellicose roses

In the sunken duress of our fathers’ joy Pin up the garden rage for a display of bellicose roses cheat the sin of quickened indifference and bask under too much covers where your hiding composes erubescent dissolving memories Not previously published. Written after a dry spell of not being able to write anything for a

The League of Feminist Space Voters

The League of Feminist Space Voters By  Richard J Tilley © Richard J Tilley The Day They Declared Us Dead My dearest friend, Ahed,  I know life is unbearable in Gaza, but at least you still have your mother and family to comfort you. I know your mother will look after as you face greater

White Cornelian Cherry

This poem went through 3 or 4 arrangements before what ended up being published in After Marriage: Poems In and Out of Disunion. This poem is under the chapter, “Contumelious Straights With Hampered Joyous Lines,” which is the last chapter in the book. It is among my favorite poems in the book. The imagery, placement,

Augusta, Georgia 1939

This poem was directly inspired by a class I took on African American Poetry when I was an English major with a concentration in Africana at a small HBCU in Maryland. I wrote it after I had returned to South Carolina. I have not been able to locate the poem that planted the seed, but